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Thank you for stopping by. This website is designed for you to feel encouraged and refreshed. I would like to share a little about myself, the books I write, and the things in my life that I'd love to spend a little more time doing. Maybe we'll do a few of them together.

I write the kind of books I enjoy reading - gentle romances. If you are a fan of Lori Wick you will enjoy reading my novels.

Who doesn't enjoy a great romance? I write to warm the hearts and touch the souls of my readers. Whether reading one or writing one, I enjoy the journey the characters take me on as their stories leap off the pages and draw me to another place and time.

These characters will remain with you long after you've finished the book. Currently I'm finishing the first book of a trilogy, set in the 1880s in the beautiful historic gold-mining town of Julian, California. Please visit my page on Julian and make plans to visit any of the wonderful bed & breakfasts during your favorite season.

Here's a little hint of the book I'm working on:

Book One of The Butterfield Trails Series

Lara Bowman questions her destiny when she returns to her father's ranch - her hopes are
dashed and her dreams slip away as she faces her greatest loss.

Cole Branston worked hard. He dreamed of the day he would have his own ranch. His dream
came true, but not the way he had planned.
Can Lara trust her heart to a man who has already deceived her, and now owns all that should rightfully have been hers? Can she trust his God, who has taken away all she once held dear? The love of family, the sense of belonging, the security of home - all she ever wanted but everything she lost.

Savor a few quiet moments in a gentle romance with Lara and Cole as they seek to find their way to one another and to the heart of God.

When you have A HOME FOR THE HEART I invite you to stir a glass of lemonade or ice tea, get cozy in your favorite chair and lose yourself in the pages of a gentle romance.

Come back often. When A HOME FOR THE HEART finds its own home with a publishing house I'll let you know in my newsletter.

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