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The Bonnets of Rescue Ranch (Whispers in Wyoming series, book 15)

Shelby Porter was rescued when she was given a chance to breathe life into Tucker Farms’ fallow fields and expand it to include an animal rescue. Now, a past she worked so hard to forget is staring her in the face in the form of the man she once loved.

Tripp Tucker puts the offer of a partnership with his company on hold to return home after his aunt writes asking for help because of an injury. There are many surprises awaiting him at the family farm, but the biggest is the girl who broke his heart.

Will their pride keep them from facing what really happened? And how will it affect Tucker Farms and Rescue Ranch?

THE RIGHT TIME FOR LOVE (Timeless Love series, book 3)

Vivi Schuster has it all, at least she thought she did—until she traveled back in time to a frontier town and met a man who turned her world upside down. She had mapped out the perfect future with the nearly-perfect man and someday love would come along for them, but now she’s not so sure. She’s experiencing feelings she’s never had before. Did she fall for the wrong man, or is she doing that now, nearly one hundred thirty years in the past?

Horace Jacob Daniels IV, or Jake as he prefers, is certain love is not worth the risk of heartache. At least that’s been his experience—but never again! But when Jake meets and falls for Vivi, he’s sure she’s set to marry the wrong man—and he’s growing short on time to convince her that he’s the right man.

Can love find its way from the past into the present to make this Christmas the right time for love?